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Wandtattoo selber gemacht bis 120cm breit

Sie sind nur noch ein paar Klicks von Ihrem neuen Wandtattoo entfernt.

Klicken Sie auf Designen und schon ffnet sich das neuen Wandtattoo Designtool. In diesem Tool knnen Sie ihre Texte angeben, diese vergrern oder verkleinern, die Farben whlen und mit einem Klick auch Warenkorb bestellen.

Wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind wie der Wandtattoo Sprche Designer funktioniert, dann schauen Sie sich schnell vorab unsere Videoanleitung an.

Material Wandtattoo PVC Folie
Dicke ca 70 m
Abmessung max 120cm Breite mal 60cm Hhe


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Ball in Nike's court for Kevin Durant Darren Rovell Thursday, August 21, 2014 Kevin Durant 's representation Roc Nation Sports informed Nike on Wednesday that he has a deal on the table with Under Armour worth between $265 million and $285 million over 10 years, sources told ESPN.com.
cheap nike nfl jerseys from china The deal includes Under Armour stock and other incentives, such a community center built in his mother's name, whose exact worth will not be known for some time.
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new nike nfl jerseys Nike, which saw its signature business related to the Oklahoma City Thunder forward grow to roughly $175 million at retail last season, will have the right to match, which is a condition of Durant's current contract with the brand. Durant can still choose Nike if it doesn't match but can't legally choose Under Armour if Nike does.
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wholesale nfl jerseys Nike's last offer, sources said, would have given Durant a base and a minimum royalty guarantee that would equal no less than $20 million a year.

If Under Armour wins the services of Durant, it would be the largest sponsorship deal the company has ever committed to. The average of $26.5 million to $28.5 million means that Under Armour would be devoting nearly 10 percent of its current annual marketing budget on him. Although Under Armour has given investors guidance that it might hit $3 billion in revenues this year, only about 1 percent of that is from basketball shoes.

Because Under Armour has such a small basketball business, the company has to guarantee Durant his money up front, instead of the typical shoe deals that offer a minimum guarantee plus up to 5 percent royalty on the wholesale revenues. Michael Jordan , for example, made more than $100 million last year from Nike largely from royalties on sales of his Jordan brand.

Durant's potential move to Under Armour, despite the lure of more guaranteed money, is surprising if only for the fact that he was one of the most loyal Nike athletes.

In 2007, before he played in his first NBA game, Durant wanted to sign with Nike badly enough that the $60 million contract he signed with the Swoosh was more than $20 million less than what Adidas had offered.

But sources say his move to Jay Z's Roc Nation last summer started to turn the tables. His new agents were interested in a stronger negotiation including both Under Armour and Adidas, which dropped out last week.

Durant's shoe deal free agency to Under Armour turned out to be a bigger deal because of the interest expressed by the company's founder and CEO Kevin Plank. Sources say Plank felt Durant could accomplish two major goals: growing its small shoe business and improving its international presence that has been lagging behind its North American sales growth.

Making things more appealing was the fact that Under Armour is a Baltimore-based company.

Durant grew up in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, 36 miles southwest of Under Armour's headquarters, and the company has a record of spending marketing dollars in the community.

The company sponsors the Baltimore Marathon, put its name on the Baltimore Ravens ' practice facility and training center, backed native and Olympic great Michael Phelps and recently added nearby Navy and VMI to its stable of schools, which includes Plank's alma mater Maryland, for which it makes shoes and uniforms.

As LeBron James returned to his native Ohio to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers , there's talk of Durant perhaps returning to his native Maryland to play for the Washington Wizards when his contract with the Thunder expires after the 2015-16 season.

Should Nike pass and Under Armour win the battle for Durant, one has to wonder how much of a role Under Armour will play in Durant's decision where to play next. After all, in money alone, Durant would be more an employee of Under Armour than he is of the Thunder.

Durant is due $41.2 million over his next two seasons with the team; his Under Armour deal would pay him at least $10 million more over that period.

On Aug. 13, Durant went to Under Armour's headquarters and was said to be blown away by its pitch. Scheduled to be there only a couple hours, Durant stayed the day and worked out in its shoes.

The pitch, at the time, didn't include talk of specific numbers, sources said, but it impressed Durant with attention to detail about his life, the hometown flair and the return on investment of its stock, which makes up part of his compensation.

During the presentation, Under Armour executives showed the $4.5 million worth of stock it gave NFL owners in 2006 (as part of its deal with the league) and what it was worth today -- north of $100 million.

Under Armour shares are up 96 percent over the past year, compared to those of Nike, which are up only 21.5 percent. Among public athletic shoe brands, no company has performed better than UA over that time period. The Durant deal is so big that if it is consummated, one has to wonder if it will have material impact -- for better or worse -- on shares of the company's stock.

When Durant dropped off the national team earlier this month, speculation was that some of it had to do with developments in Under Armour negotiations. Team USA is heavily sponsored by Nike. Durant said he just needed the rest after a long season.

As Durant has flourished in the NBA, so, too, did his line of "KD" Nike products, which grew from shoes to socks to backpacks. With James and Kobe Bryant , Durant became a force behind the company's and the category's resurgence in basketball.

But these negotiations have caused some tension between Durant's interests and Nike. On Thursday, Roc Nation is putting on a basketball game at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, with the charities of clients CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees and Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners . Even though both are sponsored by Nike and Durant is an honorary captain, sources say Under Armour is providing product for the game.

If Nike passes on matching, Durant would be the second high-profile endorser Nike has lost to UA in the past two years. Last year, UA outbid Nike for the endorsement services of Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry , who will get his own signature shoe with the company for the first time in February.

If Durant's relationship with Nike ends, it will be interesting to see how it liquidates his latest shoe, the KD7. Colorways are planned and have been sold through to retailers through the end of the year, and sources say Nike has the contractual right to liquidate its current line.

How it even has gotten to this point for Nike is a mystery. The company usually likes locking up its top talent and teams before those players can even go elsewhere. While its deal with Manchester United also came down to a situation where it declined the match Adidas' bid, it's more the norm that Nike renews before the competition can get a crack. Six years into James' seven-year, $87 million contract, Nike and James agreed to terms on the next deal.

But once Durant hired Roc Nation Sports last year, negotiations became more intricate. The upstart agency was under pressure to deliver the biggest money deals to Durant, and while he re-signed with partners like Sprint and BBVA Compass, he was willing to ditch Gatorade last summer. Durant recently signed with Talking Rain, which is behind the Sparkling Ice brand, a deal that not will only give him more money but that he says is more authentic to what he likes to drink.

Moving to Under Armour likely would mean Durant would have to adopt a new logo. Nike had used "KD" as early as 2008 but was actually granted the trademark for it in January. Durant doesn't own any trademarks, though in February he did file an application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to trademark "Sniper Jones," his rap name, on such items as fragrances, shoes and apparel.

Under Armour also has the largest shoe and apparel deal in college sports as it enters a 10-year deal with Notre Dame worth $90 million. The company debuted its new jerseys for the Fighting Irish on Tuesday .

Related Video Sources: Under Armour Offers Durant Rich Deal Darren Rovell discusses the reported deal worth between $265 and $285 million that Under Armour has offered Kevin Durant. Map My News Related Topics:
sports espn okc shoes oklahoma city thunder washington wizards under armour contract kevin durant nba kd nike (Copyright 2014 ESPN Internet Ventures.) Load Comments nfl jerseys
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Will Tiffany & Co. (TIF) Beat Earnings Estimates? By Zacks Research Staff August 25, 2014 3:25 PM 0 shares Content preferences Done

Tiffany & Company ( TIF ) is an American multinational jewelry and specialty retailer, headquartered in New York City, United States. Most of us have seen the Tiffany Blue Box, and the firm is arguably the world’s most famous jeweler. The company is set to conduct a conference call, in which the company will announce its quarterly financial results and earnings.
tiffany jewelry Many components go into determining whether a company is going to crush its estimates or not, but let’s take a look at some of the most important factors for TIF below:
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tiffany sale Retail in Relation To World Economy
tiffany sale
tiffany stores Many in the worldwide markets, including China, are worried about the financial situation in the global markets. People across the globe have become more frugal lately, and retailers are feeling the pinch. This is one reason as to why the retail sector in general has not been doing too well this quarter, and it is the reason why many retailers did not beat estimates.

Weak results from the likes of Wal-Mart ( WMT ), Macy’s ( M ) are not very auspicious signs for the retail market, and we have also seen that not even affluent US consumers have been saving their pennies, despite good economic results and an overall 4% GDP increase last quarter.

Apparently consumers are concerned with employment and living costs, and the weak sales and margins exemplify how growth is slowing down, and how aware American buyers and customers are. Despite the growing job market, the income growth is still relatively weak, and average earnings aren’t increasing as rapidly as they should be.

The case is a little bit different for luxury retailers though, as people who tend to be lured to luxury retailers are normally those who are not directly impacted by a financial market setback or fluctuations in unemployment.

Michael Kors’ ( KORS ) quarterly margins were squeezed by too much discounting to clear inventory, and it gave investors the wrong impression (KORS isn’t all that luxurious), in that KORS cannot compete in the market without discounting. This was also the same issue with Kate Spade ( KATE ), as KATE’s shares lost nearly a quarter of their value after the luxury retailer stated that its gross margins were hit by intense competition.

After all, retail sales in China have also taken a hit, and sales of jewelry fell back 16% this year in Chinese markets. Will Tiffany & Co. face the same fate?

Tiffany’s Prospects

Tiffany is a unique retailer though, it is specialized in jewelry and there is a lot of ‘New York’ to the company. Tiffany is a place where the designers completely rethink, and reinvent the designs of their product lineups. TIF’s Chairman and CEO, Michael J. Kowalski, has announced his desire to retire, and we may be seeing a new era for TIF in the near future as well.

TIF is known throughout the industry as a pioneer and a leader, committed to safe and environmentally responsible business practices. The company believes in “a business imperative and a moral obligation to look beyond its own practices to support responsible behavior throughout the entire jewelry supply chain.”

Responsible mining has always been a long-term social and environmental challenge for Tiffany, along with the sourcing of TIF’s raw materials, ranging from diamonds and gold, to the papers in the iconic Blue Box.

TIF aims to advance rigorous reasonable mining practices and standards, and fortunately, significant progress was made in 2013. Tiffany is also a large investor in diamond mining countries, while actively espousing preservation efforts and encouraging progressive and innovative government supervision.

TIF is able to uphold the integrity and honesty of its supply chain without compromising job creation, training unskilled labor, and benefitting the economies of the countries TIF is investing in. These sustainability goals have so far been met, and TIF has made clear that it only purchases diamonds and gold mined with specific standards.

Tiffany is also responsible with the work it gives to its employees, and the way in which they are treated, along with the benefits given to them. The company has a diverse work force, and is committed to safe and humane work conditions. TIF is also renowned for charitable giving. TIF donated over 2% pre-tax earnings in 2013 to the Tiffany & Co. Foundation, which continues preserving and advancing the firm’s sustainability missions.

Financials & Bottom Line

TIF seems likely to beat earnings expectations when it announces its earnings on August 27 th , before the opening bell rings. For the financial quarter ended 4/30/2014, TIF made sales, or revenue worth $1,012 million, with a gross profit of $590 million, and a positive net income of +$126 million. The company had a diluted net EPS of $0.97/share, and carries a forward P/E ratio of 23.16. Analysts have revised and upgraded their EPS estimates for the current quarter 90 days ago, from $0.85/share to $0.86/share.

A beat for TIF would also come after a pretty strong performance from the jewelry giant in the previous quarter. In that time frame, last quarter’s earnings surprised the Zacks EPS estimates by 25.97%. If anything, TIF looks positioned to beat estimates and continue its responsible expansion and growth, which is likely to help long-term investors cash in on some gains.

Another jewelry stock to consider is Signet Jewelers Ltd. ( SIG ), which has a P/E ratio of 19.53, which is good compared to the industry average of 20.20. SIG currently maintains a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy), and could also be poised to beat earnings and continue growing.

Want the latest recommendations from Zacks Investment Research? Today, you can download 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days . Click to get this free report >>

Read the analyst report on SIG

Read the analyst report on TIF

Read the analyst report on KORS

Read the analyst report on KATE

Zacks Investment Research

Company Earnings Investment & Company Information Tiffany & Company sterling silver tiffany
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Tiffany Appoints Jill Beraud as New Executive Vice President Tiffany & Co. September 4, 2014 3:30 PM 0 shares Content preferences Done


tiffany and co NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--

tiffany jewelry Tiffany & Co. ( TIF ) announced today that it has named Jill Beraud as an executive vice president, effective October 13, 2014. Ms. Beraud will have responsibility for Global Retail Operations including all sales channels in every region, as well as oversight of strategic store development and real estate.

tiffany outlet locations Michael J. Kowalski, chairman and chief executive officer, added, “We are delighted that Jill will join our management team and believe that she can further enhance our regional and global capabilities to support Tiffany’s continued sales and earnings growth.”

tiffany outlet online Ms. Beraud will report to Frederic Cumenal, president, who, as previously announced, will become Tiffany’s chief executive officer effective April 1, 2015. Mr. Cumenal said, “Jill is a creative visionary who brings to Tiffany her strengths as both a retailer and a brand builder, with an important global perspective.”

tiffany rings Ms. Beraud, 54, joins Tiffany from Living Proof where she has been chief executive officer since 2011. Prior to that, her experience includes senior-level executive and marketing roles at PepsiCo, Inc., L Brands, Inc. and The Procter & Gamble Company, among others.

Tiffany & Co. operates jewelry stores and manufactures products through its subsidiary corporations. Its principal subsidiary is Tiffany and Company. The Company operates TIFFANY & CO. retail stores in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Russia, and engages in direct selling through Internet, catalog and business gift operations. For more information, please visit www.tiffany.com or call our shareholder information line at 800-TIF-0110.

This document contains certain “forward-looking” statements concerning the Company’s objectives and expectations for sales and earnings growth. Actual results might differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. Information concerning risk factors that could cause actual results to differ materially is set forth in the Company’s Form 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.

Investment & Company Information Finance Tiffany & Co. chief executive officer executive vice president Contact: Tiffany & Co. Mark L. Aaron, 212-230-5301 Mark.aaron@tiffany.com tiffany jewelry
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men breitling watches | replica breitling watches | fake breitling watches
Breitling Energy Announces Second Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call August 11, 2014 04:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time

breitling DALLAS--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Breitling Energy Corporation (OTC: BECC) (the “Company”) today announced it will release its financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2014 after the market closes on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. The company will host an investor conference call the following morning, Thursday, August 14, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time to review the company's financial results.

men breitling watches The full text of the earnings news release and accompanying financials will be available on the Company’s website at www.breitlingenergy.com .

men breitling watches A webcast of the call may be accessed on the Company’s website under the Investor Center tab at www.breitlingenergy.com/investor-center/quarterly-reports/ . The call will be hosted by Chris Faulkner, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman; and Rick Hoover, Chief Financial Officer.

          Conference Call and Replay Information

      Participant Toll Free Dial-In Number: (888) 802-8577 Participant International Dial-In Number: (973) 935-8754 Conference ID 839 744 47 Telephone replay available thru August 28, 2014  

fake breitling watches ABOUT BREITLING ENERGY

men breitling watches Breitling Energy Corporation is a growing U.S. energy company based in Dallas and is engaged in the exploration and development of high-probability, lower risk onshore oil and gas properties. The company’s dual-focused growth strategy primarily relies on leveraging management’s technical and operations expertise to grow through the drill-bit, while also growing its base of non-operating royalty interests. Breitling’s oil and gas operations are focused primarily in the Permian Basin of Texas and the Mississippi oil window of southern Kansas, with non-operating investments in Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Mississippi. Breitling Energy Corporation is traded over the counter under the ticker symbol: BECC. Additional information is available at www.breitlingenergy.com .

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Investor Relations: Breitling Gilbert Steedley, 214-716-2060

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